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How WTV360 Media Media Works?

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Instant Publicity

It’s simpler than you think. Consider Vanessa, a brilliant inventor. She has built something that will change the world. Her invention is great, but nobody knows about it.

She needs some publicity

Ads? Too expensive! What about a blog? It’s a good idea, but it takes time to build a popular blog.

She needs something affordableeffective, and credible. Something that will publicize her creation immediately.

How about a media article? That will do the job perfectly.

After some thorough research, she decided to use WTV360 Media Media because of its good balance of affordability and quality.

Submission & Approval

Submitting and getting your press release approved

Vanessa signed up for an account. Within a few minutes, she is ready to send her very first press release. Although she is a great inventor, but she doesn’t know anything about writing a press release.
Fortunately, WTV360 Media Media has her covered.

With its guidelines (learn more about the guidelines) for Media article, WTV360 Media Media will write your professional articles for you using one of there english speaking professional journalist. WTV360 Media Media has information and tutorials in place for new users like Vanessa so that they can easily learn about guidelines and other nuances of media article writing.

Syndication & Distribution

Mass syndication to thousands of destinations

After some writing and a few reviews, Vanessa’s press release is approved and syndicated. In a few hours, Vanessa’s media article reaches thousands of destinations! Here’s a quick look at where WTV360 Media Media sent her media article:

Media Outlets

Vanessa’s press release is first syndicated to thousands of online media outlets. These include big names like Boston and WND!
*Distribution differs between Premium, Extended, and First Tier releases

Newsdesk of Major Newspapers

Through Associated Press (AP), Vanessa’s release is also sent to the news desks of major newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. Editors know about her invention now. There could soon be millions of people reading about it!
*Available for Extended and First Tier releases

Authoritative Sites

That’s not all. Vanessa’s press release is also published on a number of huge authoritative Internet sites like Reuters, Google News, Yahoo! News, and ABC that have millions of visitors a day. What better way to get instant publicity and online exposure?
*Available for Extended and First Tier releases

Major News Archive System

To reach the journalists, Vanessa’s media article is also submitted to major news archive systems like Factiva. Journalists subscribe to these for breaking news. There’s now a good chance that some journalists might even put Vanessa’s story on the cover.
*Available for Extended and First Tier releases

Content Discovery Network

WTV360 Media PRESS CLUB also has partnership with content discovery experts like OutBrain, nRelate, and AcquireMedia that ensure Vanessa’s media article is shown in the ‘Related Stories’ section of major news websites. Even readers on CNN’s site can get to know Vanessa’s invention now.
*Available for Extended and First Tier releases

Distribution Report

Huge distribution report with hundreds of live links

Now that all the hard work is done, Vanessa has time to sit down and see the effectiveness of her press release. WTV360 Media Media sends her a distribution report that includes a list of live links so that Vanessa can easily access them all from a single location.

Publicity & Visibility

Gain massive visibility and enjoy instant publicity

Now that the syndication is complete, Vanessa sits back and enjoys all the publicity her invention just gained.

A quick search of her press release on search engines now returns hundreds of results! A journalist calls for an interview and a company emails her to talk about funding her project. Before she knows it, Vanessa’s invention is on its way to change the world.

Vanessa’s website receives increased domain authority and appears on page 1 of many search engines for secondary, intermediary and main search terms.

This is a result of the 100’s of backlinks to her website from our high ranking domain authority partners and media sites.

As for you, if you have an interesting story to tell, let us help you out so that you too can celebrate your media article campaign success.