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What some of my clients have to say:

I have worked with Troy Sinclaire for many years now on lead generation campaigns and his work has been outstanding. One campaign we did brought in so many responses that we couldn’t keep up and it took me and my team 60 days to follow up with everybody appropriately! I would recommend Troy Sinclaire for lead generation All day long!

Nic Sementa

Agile Marketing Expert. Corporate Trainer and Speaker. Lead Lifecycle Specialist

Troy absolutely rocks when it comes to LinkedIn and LeadGeneration, If you want you phone to ring and more leads toexpand your business work with Troy.

Jason Cox

Co-Founder at Unstoppable Alliance

Troy is a rare example of the perfect business marketing advocate.Extremely prepared, well spoken with experience to match. Hislevel of effectiveness makes the competitive playing field unfair for the competition.

Rick Taylor

Managing Member at Direct Neurofeedback Therapy Center, LLC

While working with Troy I was impressed with his wide range of knowledge. Continuing education has always been high on his priority list. I also appreciated his dedication to his clients. When a client had desires or goals that Troy could help with, he would bend over backwards to make sure they were satisfied.

Matthew Mills

Technical Account Manager at Equinox IT Services

Troy Sinclaire is a true “Ben Franklin story” of pluck and luck. Troy’s commitment to service, tenacity for results and willingness to put in the long hours to make his promises turn into reality for his clients is unsurpassed by any executives or entrepreneurs with whom I have worked in the past 18 years of my own consulting practice. Troy will keep you on your toes as a client inspiring you to follow through on your actions, meet deadlines and achieve the exact results you hired him to help you reach. While my working relationship with Troy is only 6 months old at this point, I have had adequate experiences to recommend him without hesitation. Troy’s perseverance to follow up with me to become a client was most impressive and I now truly understand it was fueled by his conviction in his products and services and his genuine desire to help people achieve their goals. A one hour consult with Troy could be the beginning of an incredible journey for both of you.

Steven Rowell

I help Speakers and Consultants license their best programs to impact more people, earn more and travel less.

Business partners such as Troy are a privilege to work with. He hastremendous follow through and most importantly provides keensuccess with each initiative.

Anthony Todd Johnson

Co-Founder at GBI - DHW

Troy is dynamic and cutting edge, he continuously stays on top of the latest tools, trends and directions of the market and industries across the board, which has assisted my firm immensely in our marketing exposure. Troy is solution and results driven, creative and delivers above target. I highly recommend Troy’s professional, fun and friendly character.

Cindy Uriona

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices / Luxurion Real Estate Group Istanbul / Relocation

A lot of what makes a marketing professional great is “seeingthings first.” Everyone can see a winning strategy after it has won. Troy is the guy who “sees it first.” Then he has the clarity to knowwhat to do and the skills to do it.

Rick McPartlin

Using Revenue Science to help Companies Survive and Thrive